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Custard Doughnut

Custard Doughnut

A Gourmet Monstrosity

LOCATION: 73 Glenferrie Rd Malvern VIC Australia

Pierssene Bakery

PRICE: $3.00

This is perhaps the best known ?gourmet? bakery in Malvern and I am well acquainted with their high-quality sourdough bread and savory pastries. So it was with much surprise that I soon discovered the horror that awaited me in the form of a small custard doughnut. The custard was decent, with a well-chosen subtle level of vanilla, yet the sugar dusting on the outer shell was far too coarse. The dough was devastatingly stale, very dense and generally quite hideous. I could not help but feel that it served no valid purpose other than as a vehicle to transfer the eatable custard into one?s mouth. And yet this vehicle was a like a harsh and barbaric prison trapping the moderately sophisticated custard within. This doughnut reminded me of why I greatly dislike the western wheat flour doughnut: it is a blob of poorly produced dough with copious amounts of fat and sugar. To me, it is the symbol of all that is wrong with Western popular culture.

Size 5/10 Appearance 7/10 Texture 4/10 Taste 28/60 Overall Satisfaction 5/10


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2006-09-07 20:18:29
AUTHOR: Crufton


Those donuts look amesowe! There's a new place here called Donut Mart, and they have a giant party donut. I kind of want to throw a party, just for a reason to get the donut.

Size 5/10 Appearance 5/10 Texture 5/10 Taste 30/60 Overall Satisfaction 5/10